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Music is the Journey

Hailed as Alaska’s Free Range Gal, Kage Free brings a new twist to live music performances. Crowds just can’t get enough of the captivating performance as she clawhammers a banjo while singing and tap dancing. Kage Free writes her own music that is inspired by Old Time-y and Mountain Folk Music. Her songs are about freedom and wonders of the world. Her audiences dance furry with the up-beat songs she sings. Kage's voice has a unique quality that will transport you into a story combined with upbeat music with catchy lyrics you just want to sing along to. Kage has a natural skill in harnessing the energy in herself and others to perform and entertain. She is a gal that knows how to entertain. As a free spirit and a musician Miss Free has had many adventures to draw upon for inspiration for her music.  She’s played in different bands along the way and given solo performances across the globe and North America. No matter what project she is involved in you can bet its going to be a fabulous experience. Kage Free lives a life true to her name and it can be an inspiration to us all.

Kage draws her repertoire from nearly a century of musical history from across the country, 

dating from 1910-1920 folk and influenced by more contemporary music.